Mike Adams Conquerors Foundation
Mike Adams Conquerors Foundation

Helping change the mindset of youth from Survivors to Conquerors

Mike Adams is a raw example of a person who has conquered adversity and misfortune throughout his lifetime.  Adams understands what it means to fight when no one is standing in your corner, and to feel that the world is against you.  With Adams personal experiences of hardship, he knows that he is now in a place where he can mentor youth going through similar circumstances.  He wants to be THE person in that child’s corner, and living proof that if he can make it, any child can conquer life’s problems and create their own destiny.


Upcoming Events:

Mike Adams Camp of Conquerors 7on7 High School Football Tournament- Saturday, June 21, 2014, 12pm Kick-Off

Mike Adams Camp of Conquerors Youth Football Skills Camp- Sunday, June 22, 2014, 1pm-4pm

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We are always looking for donations, volunteers, and sponsorships.  If you are interested in helping out please email us at info@MAConquerors.com